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Your SEO Campaign

The dictionary describes SEO as 'the methods used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site' - sounds simple doesn't it? Essentially this is all SEO is, however, what the dictionary fails to point out is the increasing competition for your keywords and market place and the continual development of website ranking algorithms. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you have a campaign in place that not only gives you an immediate boost in the search engines but a system for continual monitoring and improvements so you won't get over-taken by your competitors.

There are many methods used to boost your website from on-page optimisation, where your website pages will be improved for specific keyword targeting, to off-page optimisation by building links with articles, blogs, info-graphics, guest posts, product reviews and links from suppliers and partners.

It is also important to mention that search engine ranking algorithms are becoming more sophisticated where they take into account website traffic numbers, your website content, your social media presence and the user experience on your site. These are all factors that TheSEOBarn can help you with.   

Questions and Answers

The SEO process

Basic SEO steps:

  1. Your campaign will begin with an audit to determine your starting point including suggested keywords with direct relevance to your business and website and your current rankings. This will enable your ranking improvements to be tracked for you to monitor.
  2. Finalise chosen keywords. 
  3. On-page website optimisation changes.
  4. Other SEO strategies off-page, such as link building and blogs.
  5. You will receive an SEO report after your campaign's first month outlining the work done so far and ranking improvements.
  6. Analysis of results and suggested improvements.
  7. Maintenance of current keywords and addition of new keywords if the target has been reached.
  8. Then back to step 1 again! 

How much will it cost?

TheSEOBarn offers a range of packages for you to choose from depending on your time and budget. Bespoke hourly services are also available.

If you are still unsure about using us for your SEO we can create a quick no obligation SEO audit for your website for only £60.

How will it be monitored?

There will be many key indicators for measuring the success of your SEO campaign. For example, your website traffic will be closely monitored on Google Analytics. If you are an e-commerce site sales from targeted keywords will be tracked so you will be able to see a direct correlation between increase in sales and higher positioning in Google. We will also monitor you and your competitor's Google ranking improvements and fluctuations for your chosen keywords using SEOMoz.

What are the benefits?

We aim to get your website ranking higher in Google for your selected keywords so you will see an increase in website traffic for these keywords, which should translate in an increase in business. For e-commerce sites we would expect to see an increase in sales for the specific keywords as your position in Google ranking gets higher up the search engines.